Anti-Allergy Vaccines To Help People With Asthma

Research funded by Asthma UK has led to the development of a vaccine treatment that can prevent asthma-like symptoms in mice.

Dr Noble and his team at King’s College London have been studying allergic mechanisms in mice and investigating whether it is possible to regulate the immune system’s response to potential allergic triggers.

Sometimes the immune system initiates the wrong type of response to harmless substances such as dust and pollen, which can result in allergic responses and asthma. It is this overactive response which the vaccine would aim to prevent.

Dr Noble’s team is part of the world-renowned MRC-Asthma UK Centre in Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma. They have developed a vaccine which suppresses allergic immune responses by boosting the cells which regulate the body’s protective mechanisms.

They found that after treating mice with their vaccine they could detect millions of these activated cells in the mice’s blood, which then prevented the mice from having an allergic response to an asthma trigger.

In the past, vaccine treatments have failed because they haven’t activated sufficient numbers of cells so the protective immune response simply wasn’t powerful enough.

Alistair Noble and his colleagues have invented CASAC, a booster mixture, which when used as part of the vaccine increases the protective response, meaning it could give long-lasting protection against dangerous allergic responses.

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