Asthma And Heartburn: Is There A Connection?

Asthma and HeartburnIt is a known fact that people who suffers from asthma experience frequent heartburn.

When you swallow the food, the sphincter at the bottom of the esophagus relaxes, allowing food and liquid to pass down into the stomach.

Sometimes, the sphincter relaxes at wrong time and the result is that a little food mixed with stomach acid travels back up the food tube.

This can produce a burning sensation. This burning sensation is called heartburn. Asthma and heartburn are related to each other.

If you have asthma and heartburn, when you lie down after a large meal, stomach contents roll up the esophagus and into back of your throat. Stomach acid in the esophagus irritates the nerves in the airway and triggers an asthma attack.

Some experts say that coughing and breathing problems of asthma causes pressure changes that relax the sphincter, resulting in stomach acid regurgitation.

Acid flow causes injury to the lining of the throat, airway and lungs making inhalation difficult and often causing continuous cough. Heartburn is increased in patients with asthma medications known as beta-adrenergic bronchodilators.

What should be done with asthma and heartburn?

If you are diagnosed with asthma and heartburn, then it is better to consult the doctor. If you have both asthma and heartburn, you should take asthma medications consistently which are prescribed by your doctor.

Your doctor helps to reduce your asthma symptoms as well as heartburn symptoms. You should also control your exposure to triggers of asthma as much as possible.

Asthma changes during your lifetime. Some children outgrow asthma, but later it grows back. Adults suffering from asthma are never relieved from it even with medications. To prevent asthma, airway inflammation should be reduced [Asthma Prevention].

Symptoms of heartburn can be controlled by adjusting your personal behavior. Your bed should be raised by six inches to allow gravity to help keep the stomach’s content in the stomach.

You should not use pillows because pillows put your body into a bent position that aggravates the condition.

You should eat meals at least three to four hours before going to sleep and avoid bedtime snacks. You should eat smaller meals with small portions.

You should maintain healthy weight to eliminate unnecessary intra-abdominal pressure caused by extra calories. Avoid smoking, as it relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter.

You have to limit consumption of fatty foods, coffee, tea, chocolate and alcohol. Limit the intake of tomatoes and citrus fruits which contribute additional acid that can irritate the esophagus [Asthma Diet].

You should learn about asthma and how to control it. Get regular checkup of asthma from your doctor and follow the medications prescribed by the doctor.

Ask your doctor how to use the inhaler properly for getting correct medication into your airways. Once you control your asthma and heartburn, you can live asthma and heartburn free life.



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