Asthma Test To Identify Asthma Cases

asthma testUnfortunately many people react to different allergens and irritants so there is not a single asthma test that can be used for asthma diagnosis.

Whatever the symptoms you describe, your medical history and medical history of family are taken into account by your doctor.

Your doctor finds the way in which your lungs and breathing respond to bronchodilators or drugs that open up the bronchioles of the lungs. There are number of asthma tests that are commonly used to positively diagnose asthma.

Asthma test:

Lung function test: Lung function test is an asthma test used to determine if there is any progress in your breathing following the inhalation of a bronchodilator. If there is fifteen percent improvement, then asthma is a possible diagnosis.

Spirometry: Spirometry is the lung function test that can be carried at asthma clinic. It is used to measure how much and how quickly you can move air out of your lungs. You have to inhale and exhale deeply and seal your lips around the mouthpiece and blow forcefully as long as possible. The information is collected by the spirometer and can be printed out on a chart called spirogram.

Skin prick test: Skin prick test is an asthma test used to identify any allergens which you may be sensitive and which may trigger asthma attack. Some small amounts of allergens are injected into your skin of the forearm and the area is monitored for a reaction.

After monitoring for fifteen minutes, if there is no visible swelling, then it may that you don’t have asthma or your asthma is triggered by uncommon allergen

Histamine tests: Histamine test is an asthma test used to determine if your bronchioles are hyper responsive to inhaled histamine agents that can cause allergic reactions and asthma. Inhaled histamine concentration is gradually increased until it is seen to have an effect on the quality of your breathing and this is used as a basis for diagnosis.

Peak expiratory flow: Peak expiratory flow is an asthma test used to measure how well you breathe. Peak flow meter is a small, portable device that measures the rate at which you can force air out of your lungs. You have to exhale into the peak flow meter and it measures the maximum force with which you blow air through the tube.

Other asthma tests:

If your doctor suspects that you have other condition than asthma or in addition to asthma, he may suggest for other asthma tests.

The tests include:

  • Chest x-rays to rule out any other health conditions
  • Allergy testing to determine if asthma is allergy induced and if so what specific allergens are involved.
  • X-rays of the sinuses to exclude the factor of sinusitis.
  • Evaluation of Gastro esophageal reflux disease to find whether it is the trigger of asthma.

Asthma test is normally achieved quickly and easily, so treatment can be started immediately according to the asthma test. Based on the severity of the disease, your doctor will prescribe medications. Follow the medications properly to become asthma free and lead an active life.



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