Beware Of Asthma Quackery

asthma medicineA timely warning issued here reminds us about the fact that we should be viewing all ‘miracle cures’ with a healthy dose of salt.

Things that promise ‘instant relief’ or ‘miracle cure’ for asthma attacks come within the realm of Caveat Emptor which is the legal doctrine of ‘let the buyer beware’. This is why we should be watching out for:

  • Unsubstantiated claims that are not able to set out any kind of proven track record or any evidence to back up claims made. The product may be advertised to be a ‘miracle cure’ but there may no studies or academic claims to back this up. They may say ‘fully safe’ but do they have the long term data to back up such a claim.
  • Ask yourself if the claims made are plausible or even probable? What is the data at hand that explains the process that works so well as to produce the results claimed? Does it even make sense? Does it follow the well established principles or facts as you know them?
  • And finally look at the profit motive of the seller. In order to get you to part with your cash and purchase the item on offer, you will not only be promised the moon, it may be that you are agreeing to something you are not even aware of, and which may be binding upon you later.


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