Can Your Diet Protect You Against Asthma?

Researchers say that what you eat could well affect your as well as your children’s risk of having allergies and asthma. Though the findings are being called “too preliminary” to draw exact conclusions, diet could impact asthma and allergy risk.

asthma dietThough it is rather early to draw firm conclusions, zinc, vitamins A, D and E and fresh produce such as fruit and veggies seem to be able to protect people against allergies and asthma.

So as of now it is not required for parents to change their diets in order to protect their kids from these conditions.

Researchers examined several studies concerning people’s diet and their risk of allergy and asthma by looking at the diet of women and other factors.

It was seen in some of the studies, that fruit and vegetable intake and healthier diets were linked to lower risk of asthma and allergies. In particular higher levels of vitamin A was seen to be associated with a 75% lower risk of developing asthma.

Also women who ate Vitamin D rich foods during pregnancy, such as fatty fish, and vitamin E rich food such as nuts and seeds, were seen to lower their risk of asthma in children by about 30 to 40%.

As much as 80% lower risk of asthma was seen to result from a Mediterranean diet that is rich in fish, vegetables, olive oil, nuts and so on.



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