Children With Asthma Must Avoid Tobacco Smoke

child asthmaWhen a child suffers an asthma attack, it is frightening for everyone involved, so learning more about the things that can trigger asthma attacks is an important step forward in providing care for this chronic condition.

According to a recent study, avoiding environments where tobacco smoke is present can help children who have asthma control their asthma better, visit the emergency room less often, and be hospitalized less often. While this information has always been supposed, this is the first time a relationship had been demonstrated in a scientific study.

In the study, researchers found that children whose exposure to tobacco smoke in the environment decreased during the course of the study also decreased their frequency of visit to the emergency room and admissions to the hospital. The study also involved supervising the children while they used their medication.

For parents and care givers, this means that you can help children with asthma by helping them use their medications regularly and properly, and by educating them about the dangers of being exposed to tobacco smoke.

If you are a smoker, you can help children with asthma by stopping smoking, or by making sure you never smoke in areas where the children are or will be.



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