Demystifying The Asthma Causes

asthma causesFind out what causes asthma as it become complicated if you ignore it.

Do you know asthma is a chronic lung disease characterized by difficulty in breathing due to the contraction of the airways?

There are many asthma causes and these causes may develop asthma in some people and it is more common in western world.

Asthma occurs as a result of inflammation in the airways. As a result of inflammation, the airways become narrow making it difficult to breathe.

The inflammation also stimulates the airway to pump out extra mucus, which causes the airway to obstruct further.

Asthma cannot catch from one person to another but you can get asthma from your parents. If you smoke, your children are twice more likely to develop asthma than if you do not smoke.

If a mother smokes during pregnancy, then kids are born with smaller airways which increase the chance of developing the disease.

Asthma causes:

  • One of the important asthma causes is dust mites. These dust mites are very small light weight particles travel in the air and inhaled into the lungs by you. When these dust particles enter your airways, they cause inflammation in the air walls and results in asthma attack.
  • Chemical irritants are one of the asthma causes. Some people are sensitive to chemicals such as detergents, soaps, perfumes, sprays and house-hold cleaners. Some of them may be allergic to chemicals such as plastic, car smoke, and sulphur dioxide.
  • Environmental factors are one of the asthma causes. The factors include pollen, animal dander, and faecal material from cockroaches.
  • Physiological triggers such as exercise, cold, and eating certain types of food can cause an asthma attack. Emotions such as sorrow, laugh, and shouting can aggravate inhalation of oxygen causing the airway contraction which result in asthma attack.
  • Indoor factors may cause asthma. The indoor allergens include bed sheets, pillow covers, stuffed toys, furniture, curtains, and carpets.
  • The other asthma causes are medicines such as beta blockers and aspirin, infections, heartburn, and sulfites in food or beverages. High processed foods are one of the asthma causes. In infants, allergy to eggs is the major factor.

Asthma causes are complicated and can include your genes, exposure to things that you are allergic to and environmental conditions.

The allergies are the main asthma causes and these develop asthma. If you have asthma, allergy producing things such as dust mites, dogs, cats, pollen, tobacco smoke and food beverages can trigger an asthma attack.

If you stop exercising or laughing, asthma cannot be cured. These are not the asthma causes but they can be the causes of an asthma attack.

Interior house paints can make your asthma worse. If you are an asthma sufferer, glossy oil paints used for home decorations can result in asthma attack but the emulsion paints does not seem to do this.

Asthma may be caused by different triggers and each person can be triggered by different substance. If you are suffering with asthma, discover the triggers and manage the conditions to alleviate from asthma attack.



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