Desensitizing Toothpaste Can Relieve Your Asthma Symptoms

This may be the first time you’ve heard of this, yes desensitizing toothpastes like Crest and Sensodyne may help relieve your asthma symptoms like wheezing and over production of mucus.

You have to check the label and look for Potassium Nitrate in its content. Although this procedure is not medically advised by health professionals and it certainly should not replace your asthma medicines, its use may help you deal with your bothersome symptoms.


Potassium Nitrate, also known as saltpeter, is a compound popularly used today primarily to treat sensitive teeth. This is because Potassium Nitrate works by calming the nerves of the teeth, preventing painful stimuli to be sent to the brain creating a desensitizing effect. The compound works via your mucus membranes, the same reason why the effect is immediate since they reach your cells and the bloodstream in just a short period of time.

In the past, because of its calming effect it was also used to help decrease high blood pressure, relieve symptoms of anginal pain and deal with discomforts of arthritis.

In the days when pharmacists used to prepare chemical compounds to be used as medicine, Potassium Nitrate was always part of the ingredient in the management of asthma symptoms and they were labeled as asthma relievers. This means that although this is not part of the medical management your health provider will tell you, it has a scientific basis for its effects in asthma relief.

Today, other than its use for sensitive teeth, it is also added as an active ingredient as a means of preservative for cured meat food products that we eat.

The following use of Potassium Nitrate proves that it poses no harm to the human body and although this is not to replace your asthma management, it may bring you additional comfort by just brushing your teeth using desensitizing toothpaste.

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