Every Day Printer Ink May Cause Asthma

asthmaA Spanish woman, who has been selling lottery tickets in Madrid for over 20 years has developed Asthma since changing her system of checking winning/losing ticket with a point-of-sale terminal.

Researchers believe that the chemicals used in the production of the terminal and the paper used in these terminals has a covering of N-Propyl-acrylamide and acrylate tints.

Point-of-sale terminals are used all over the world, when you pay with your credit card you are using a point-of-sale terminal.

The woman noticed that soon after arriving at work she would start coughing; feel short of breath and wheezy. But she did not consult a Doctor until two years after noticing the symptoms of asthma although she sought emergency asthma treatment on three occasions.

After tests were completed it was discovered that the woman was allergic to the acrylate tints in the paper. Other employees at printing companies have contracted the occupational asthma after working in the printing business.

On her first examination, bronchial and other breathing tests were performed and the results showed no asthma illness.

She was asked to paint with a sample of the acrylate tint for 30 seconds in which there was a decrease in her breathing function of 19 percent, the woman was later asked to print tickets for a 90 second period.

Then the asthma symptoms returned with a vengeance. After a short period of time she retuned to normal. The woman is no longer selling lottery tickets.

Doctors have advised that persons working with the point-of-sale terminals to keep in mind the acrylates used in the thermal paper and the sensitization that may occur. The symptoms may only occur if used in small areas such as a kiosk.



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