Exposure To Cleaning Agents May Worsen Asthma

cleaning houseAccording to Ohio-based doctors, scrubbing the kitchen floor or doing other household cleaning chores may trigger a spike in breathing problems in women with asthma.

Dr. Jonathan A. Bernstein, of the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine says that “we certainly know that exposure to cleaning agents or cleaning as an occupation are major risks for asthma exacerbations and asthma.

Therefore we wanted to see what was going on in general population because it is quite obvious for people to clean their homes”.

In a study for 12 weeks, Bernstein and his colleagues compared the health effects of household among 25 asthma affected individuals and 19 non asthmatics, who reported that they are primary cleaners in their homes.

After cleaning, the researchers noticed statistically considerable rise in number of respiratory symptoms in asthmatic women when compared to non asthmatics. This result indicates that cleaning chores are major triggers for aggravating asthma symptoms.

Actually, according to researchers, despite of the fact whether they have asthma problem or not, all women exhibited respiratory problems as a result of exposure to cleaning agents.

Ultimately, the researchers suggest that women without or with asthma, particularly must be very cautious about potential respiratory health effects of exposure to cleaning agents and cleaning activities.



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