How Does The Buteyko Breathing Technique Work?

We have spoken briefly about the Buteyko breathing technique, a shallow breathing technique that can help deal with asthma. Let’s take a look at exactly how this breathing technique works:

The Buteyko breathing technique is a set of breathing exercises that teaches a person how to control their breathing. In a sense it teaches you how to ‘breathe less’ in order to correct not just asthma, but also conditions such as snoring, panic attacks and other breathing problems.

This technique addresses the issue of hyperventilating (breathing in and out too fast) that occurs with asthmatics and which precedes the shortness of breath that asthmatics typically experience during an attack.

Hyperventilating causes less air to reach the lungs; and this is what causes the body to react by producing more phlegm and thickening the mucus membranes. At this point the body is literally scrambling for air as a defense mechanism against death!

Knowing the proper breathing techniques will mean that the symptoms of asthma are able to subside quicker since the requisite air is reaching the lungs. Also future episodes of asthma can reduce.

A guide to Buteyko Clinic Method which includes a 2 hour DVD, a CD, a manual and the complete instructions to reverse asthma, rhinitis and snoring permanently is available on Amazon.



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