How Smoking Cigarettes Makes Your Asthma Worse?

Asthma and SmokingAsthma and smoking do not combine well. If you have asthma, your airways will be sensitive inside the lungs.

There are certain causes that make your airways narrow.

If you have asthma, smoking can lead to more asthma symptoms and more frequent asthma attacks. Smoking damages your airways.

The tobacco smoke affects on the airways of both the smokers and those who are exposed to environmental tobacco smoke include:

  • Increased likelihood of developing asthma
  • Worsening of existing asthma symptoms
  • Increase in number of asthma attacks of existing asthma sufferers

When you smoke, you will cough, wheeze and feel short of breath. This is because smoke irritates your airways, causing them to swollen, narrow and filled with sticky mucus.

That is why smoking can cause asthma flare ups. If you are a teenager and smoke, you are increasing the risk of continuous asthma.

  • Asthma and smoking increases your risk of asthma attack
  • Asthma and smoking permanently damages your airways
  • Asthma and smoking blocks the benefit of asthma medicines

While the relationship between asthma and smoking is complex, not everyone exposed to smoking will develop asthma. Smoking also forces to use rescue medications more often. It can disturb your sleep by making you cough more at night and can affect your daily performance.

Asthma and smoking in children:

Smoking around children result in developing asthma and other respiratory problems and is dangerous because child’s immune system is less developed and their airways are smaller than those of adults.

Children breathe more rapidly than adults, which mean they breathe more harmful tobacco than an adult who is exposed to same amount of tobacco smoke. If parents smoke, it increases the likelihood of children developing asthma.

Smoking in family car increases the risk of asthma in adults as well as children. It triggers an asthma attack in children who have asthma.

Asthma and smoking during pregnancy:

When a pregnant woman smokes, she increases the risk of her child developing asthma. The child will be more prone to respiratory infections. Smoking during pregnancy leads to low birth weight, premature labor and increased risk of fetal death.

Reducing the risk of asthma and smoking:

You can reduce the risk of asthma by avoiding cigarette smoking. You have to quit smoking. Make your home smoke free for asthma free life. Avoid smoky places like bars, pubs and other public places. Choose smoke free avenues when going for restaurants, movies, and parties.

If you cannot keep yourself away from smoking places, you have to manage your asthma on daily basis. If you are taking reliever medications more than three to four times a week, then you should visit your doctor. Seek advice, support and information about asthma and smoking. You need to avoid the situations which trigger your condition for asthma relief.



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