How To Recognize Asthma Cough And What To Do About It!

Asthma CoughThe most common symptoms of mild asthma are a persistent, chronic, night time cough.

These can also be the symptoms of several pulmonary problems.

The asthma cough is a non reproductive cough. It doesn’t bring any mucus and it may sound as if something is rattling.

The cough which brings mucus and sputum into your mouth is not an asthma cough.

The coughs of asthma are most often dry coughs which are caused by bronchial spasms.

The truths regarding asthma cough are as follows:

    • The cough of asthma will be chronic and persistent. This could be the common symptom of asthma. But, not all chronic coughs lead to asthma. But, continuous coughs which create difficulty in breathing can lead to asthma.
    • Most of the medical researchers and doctors believe that the persistent and chronic night time cough is the most common symptom of mild asthma. Yes, of course it is the mild symptom of asthma and you should not take it lightly.
    • The most important aspect you have to remember is asthma cough is non reproductive cough and it doesn’t cause any mucus. The sound of this cough will be wheezing and rattling.
    • The cough of asthma is a continuous cough. Sometimes the cough will be continuous and uncontrollable. It may continue until you are out of breathing and choke. Sometimes you may even vomit with that continuous cough.
    • Bronchial spasms are responsible for obtaining dry cough of asthma. Latest research has proved that the dry cough of asthma will be obtained due to excessive immune actions against allergens and irritants.
    • The asthma disease is curable and the cough of asthma can be controlled by some normal asthma medications such as inhaled corticosteroids and bronchodilators. Out of these two, bronchodilators are very effective medications to counter this cough of asthma. These medications will help to loosen up the muscles present around the bronchial tubes. The loosened muscles will block the air passage and make it almost impossible for the air passage or movement of air. Relaxation of these muscles will soothe the spasms and more eventually the asthma cough.
    • Natural remedies such as green tea or black tea can also be helpful to control the asthma cough. This green and black tea contains theophyline and caffeine which are known treatments for asthma. Other than these two, honey will also work as the best natural remedy. It helps by soothing dry irritated throat.


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