Is Obesity A Risk Factor For Asthma?

Asthma ObesityIt is a fact that people with asthma tend to be overweight.

Doctors believe that obesity occurs because people suffering with asthma avoid exercise as physical activity can trigger asthma symptoms.

You have to maintain ideal weight and good fitness to avoid asthma obesity.

But nowadays, doctors are recommending people with asthma to exercise to improve their health and to provide relief from asthma. Exercise is not only good for health but it also reduces asthma obesity.

If you have asthma obesity, your breathing becomes more difficult and some people even find that their ability to breathe is worsened. Being overweight causes gastro esophageal reflux disease, which can trigger asthma in some people.

Overweight increases the risk of asthma in women and children. Obese people are two to three times more likely to have asthma than normal people.

Regular exercise keeps you strong and energetic. If you are healthy, you have few attacks and need less medication.

Foods that cause asthma obesity:

There are some foods that can lead to obesity. Saturated foods, dairy products and processed foods can cause obesity. Obesity can worsen asthma. Staying fit and healthy is important for controlling your asthma.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet that includes variety of nutritious foods from all food groups [Asthma Diet]. Amount of fat should be reduced and limit the amount of saturated fat such as animal fats and butter.

Exercise and asthma obesity:

Exercise gives relief from asthma in many ways. Exercise helps in opening your airways. Exercise helps to reduce weight and breathe easier. It keeps you active, which is important for asthma patients.

Exercise helps to control your stress, which is one of the triggers of asthma. Yoga, which is based on deep, focused breathing and tension relief helps in reducing asthma.

If your asthma is well managed, you can practice exercise without the symptoms of asthma. If you exercise in a warm and moist environment, it is less likely to cause exercise induced asthma. Walking, swimming and aerobics are also recommended for people with asthma.

Exercise for asthma obesity sufferers:

Sit on the chair with your feet flat on the floor. As you bring your head down toward your knees, exhale completely. Count up to three. Sit back up and air will enter your lungs naturally, since going back makes your body unfold which acts as a pump.

Before starting any exercise, talk to your doctor about the exercises you are going to practice. Your doctor prescribes drug inhaler before starting any physical activity. Warm up is necessary before and after workout.

Swimming is less likely to cause symptoms than other physical activities. Exercise in cold air triggers and worsens asthma. Avoid exercising outside when the pollen count is high. Exercise for half an hour three to four times a week.



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