Is There Any Connection Between Asthma And Stress?

stressAsthma is triggered by many reasons, but the most common one is stress. It is actually believed by many researchers that stress exacerbates many respiratory problems including asthma.

When you have asthma and stress together, you can experience short of breath, anxiousness and even at times you can feel more panicked at certain situations.

When your stress levels start to creep upward, whether it is due to over work or due to any other reasons, asthma symptoms tend to overdrive your health.

As wheezing and cough worsen your health condition, it becomes one more reason for you to worry about your respiratory conditions. In this way, asthma, stress and anxiety make a vicious circle and gradually makes your health a much concerning issue in your life.

Stress is considered as one of the most common part of your routine life, with or without asthma. That is why, it is very important to explore effective ways to manage stress associated with your asthma. So, learning various methods to de-stress your life, can help you to prevent all those disturbing asthma symptoms and you can easily avoid an asthma attack repeatedly.

How to manage stress and its associated asthma condition?

So, if you really want to manage your stress and its associated asthma, here are certain tips, which can help you to manage your stress and asthma in much better way.

Give a break to your pessimistic thoughts! Stay away from all those disturbing thoughts which can aggravate your stress levels. Realize that your thoughts, expectations and what you tell to yourself often determines how well you are able to manage the intensifying stressful emotions in your life.

Stay away from all those causes for stress! Recognize the main causes for stress in your life. Is it too many deadlines, family problems, money issues or any other obligations, which is aggravating your stress levels and accordingly your asthma symptoms? Identify all those potential causes of stress and its associated asthma and try to discover efficient ways to tackle these issues in your life.

Get enough sleep! With asthma or any other chronic illness, getting enough sleep is very essential for you to maintain healthy life. If you lack enough sleep with your asthma problem, then you can suffer with fatigue. So, develop good sleeping habits to manage your stress associated with asthma [Link between asthma and sleep].



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