Pollution Increasing Asthma Related ER Trips

A large population based study has indicated that vehicular emissions and other sources of ozone and pollution increase the incidence of asthma attacks that require a trip to the emergency room. This is particularly the case with children and a phenomenon seen more frequently in summer, who were admitted for asthma or wheezing.

The study recorded that 91,000 emergency room visits involving children aged between 5 and 17 years of age, took place at 41 hospitals at Atlanta-area between 1993 and 2004.

child asthmaThe researchers examined 10 different pollutants from vehicular sources.

Ground level Ozone, a form of oxygen that is developed when organic compounds, like fossil fuels, mix with nitrogen oxide and sunlight in particular was examined as being a trigger that negatively impact pediatric asthma.

This was seen to be the case particularly between May and October.

“Characterizing the associations between ambient air pollutants and children’s asthma aggravations, mainly with respect to the chemical composition of particulate matter, can help us better recognize the impact of these different components and can help to inform public health policy decisions,” study researcher Matthew J. Strickland, PhD, MPH, assistant professor of environmental health opined.

Source: Web MD



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