Precautions for Exercising with Asthma

Asthma is a chronic respiratory/ airway disease which has prolonged effects and is inflammatory in nature. It has a number of recurring symptoms and is characterised by reversible airway obstructions and bronchial spasms. It is a true notion that exercising is good for general and overall health of anindividual. But asthmatic individuals must use precautions for exercising with asthma, because an asthmatic attack can be triggered due to fatigue when exercising. The asthma conditions require that individuals must pay attention to the level of physical effort exerted in the exercise.

Though there are many risks involved in exercising for these patients, it is given that exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. To ensure safety, the patients can take a number of precautions for exercising like:

  • Precautions-for-Exercising-with-AsthmaIn the age of medicine today there are a number of pre exercise asthma inhalers that are available. They are also referred to as inhaled bronchodilators. An individual can take these before he/ she exercise to reduce risk of attack.
  • The individuals who have allergic asthma should avoid exercising outdoors. This will help avoid the reaction or an asthma attack when he/ sheexercise.
  • The asthmatic patients should be careful about the intensity of the regime they plan. Even those without asthma tire after a high intensity and pact regime. The asthma patients must thus frame out a proper regime which is suitable for their own condition.
  • In times of cold weather, the asthma patients must take precautions and do all the exercising indoors. Exercising outdoors in cold weather affects the patients very adversely.
  • If a patient has to exercise outdoors due to whatever reasons, then in times of cold or in cases of allergic asthma, the individual must be precautions. They can wear a mask or wrap a scarf over their nose and mouth.
  • Performing proper warm up exercises before an individual starts the exercise regime is also a part of the precautions to be taken when exercising with asthma. The warm up exercise prepares the body for the regime and thus avoid the body going into shock while the individual exercises.
  • In case the individual gets heavy breath during the exercise regime, he/ she must stop and relax. They must take large sips of normal temperature water.
  • In regular cases also every asthmatic individual must carry their inhalers with them. Any time during the exercise when they get attack they must have the inhaler handy.
  • The individuals can also take guidance from physical trainer to come up with suitable regimes that does not conflict with asthma.


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