Psychosocial Benefits For Asthmatics From Aerobic Training

Asthmatics often have to live not only with their condition, but also a reduced quality of living due to the restrictions that are placed on them due to their asthma. A recently conducted study demonstrated how aerobic training can help improve quality of life for asthmatics.

aerobic trainingThe study found that aerobic exercise helped to lessen depression, anxiety and asthma symptoms and also helped improve health related quality of life.

The study was divided into two groups – one who did only breathing exercises and the other who supplemented the breathing exercise with a twice a week aerobic program.

The group doing the aerobic program displayed significant improvement in the frequency of symptoms, as regard the physical limitations placed on them by their condition, and also psychological issues. The number of asthma free days was seen an increase and depression and anxiety levels were seen to reduce.

The point about depression and anxiety in asthma patients is an important one since many sufferers do suffer from these to a large extent. This anxiety and depression result in poor adherence to treatment and medication and also poorer disease control.  This reduces quality of life which the study found was significantly improved by aerobic training.



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