Realize When Your Asthma Symptom Is Getting Worse!

Asthma SymptomsAsthma symptom varies from time to time and every now and then your asthma symptom can burst out.

During the burst, your asthma symptom get worse leading to tightness in the chest, wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath.

Many people with asthma don’t like to admit when their condition is getting worse and try to ignore the truth when it happens.

This type of behavior does more harm than good because in the beginning if you take treatment, you can control asthma symptom easily but as you neglect, you need stronger medication for the treatment of asthma.

If you are diagnosed with asthma newly, keep an asthma journal and write down the details how often you are getting asthma attack, how serious your asthma attack is, what are the symptoms you are feeling during an attack and what are the things that are triggering the attack?

If you did not keep an asthma journal till now, you can start it now. Asthma journal will help in finding out what triggers asthma symptom. Asthma journal also helps you to notice when new allergens are irritating you, when they are starting to affect your breathing, and when your condition is becoming worse.

Slowly over time, additional irritants may begin to affect you. With each event, your airways get damaged further slowly. The damage of airways makes you more susceptible to airborne allergies and irritants and you asthma symptom become worse.

You must consult a doctor when you notice a small change in your condition as if you neglect it, your asthma symptom become worse over the long term. Don’t hide your condition as it may lead to severe asthma attack that puts you in the hospital.

You have to tell your doctor about your condition and if necessary doctor may change your prescribed medication.

How to realize when your asthma symptom is getting worse?

  • If you have asthma symptom on four or more days of the week
  • If you have recently missed work or school because of asthma
  • If your asthma is stopping from doing certain physical activities
  • If your asthma symptom gets worse when you get a cold or respiratory tract infection
  • If you wake up during the night with asthma symptom on one or more nights
  • If you are taking quick relief medications for more than four times a week
  • If you have gone to an emergency room because of asthma symptom

If you have these conditions, your asthma symptom is getting worse. All asthma patients do not have all the symptoms but a few symptoms may be common. [Recognizing when your asthma attack getting worse]

Control your asthma to avoid asthma attack and the problems they cause. As you realize the when your asthma symptom is getting worse, you can take the necessary care, medications and treatment. The treatments can give better relief to asthma and control asthma symptom if taken at proper time. [Tips to control asthma]



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