Shallow Breathing Technique Can Fight Asthma

Coral Baglia started to suffer from asthma at the age of 42 and she realized that it was her breathing that was now different that caused her to develop asthma at this late stage. She resolved to change herself since she was unable to control all the various triggers that are causing to have an asthma attack.

Then she discovered the Buteyko Breathing Method, developed by Professor Konstantin Buteyko which is based upon the “standard medical principals of respiration, the normalization of breathing and the Bohr Effect.”

It is claimed that disorders can be completely reversed using this breathing method and that Soviet cosmonauts were able to stay in space for considerably longer times using this method of breathing.

It is also claimed that athletes trained in the Buteyko method can enhance their performance and hospitals use the program as a first defense against asthma and other respiratory problems. The system claims to be a drug free therapy for Asthma management.



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