Smoke Free Laws of real Benefit for Asthma sufferers

Though many may scoff at and deny benefits that accrue from smoking bans, there is evidence to suggest that they can be of very real benefit, particularly for kids with asthma according to this Reuters report.

smoking banThough earlier the study of the impact of smoking bans was mostly confined to adults, a new study examined how smoking bans in workplaces, bars and restaurants impact kids.

Those counties in the United States that have smoke free laws were less likely to have children and teens with asthma than those counties who do not have such laws in place, found the study.

Even kids who had asthma, were found to have fewer persistent problems such as night time coughing bouts, wheezing and so on, if they were living in smoke free environments.

Though it may not be the antismoking laws that were responsible for the phenomenon per se, there were other factors that explained the link according to researchers – race and family income were seen to be contributing factors.

Though it was found that minority children living in urban areas are at increased risk; in spite of these elevated risk factors it was seen that smoking bans are seen to be connected with lowered risk of persistent asthma symptoms.



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