Statins Help To Keep Asthmatics Out Of Hospital

statinsA study carried out by Medco Health Solutions shows that Asthmatics prescribed with statins as well as their usual drugs have been less likely to require hospital intervention.

This interesting statistic suggests that the widely used medicines that lower cholesterol have other benefits than relief for potential heart attack victims.

Medco’s chief medical officer while insisting on caution also stated that this could be a vital medical breakthrough.

That statins could be used for managing asthma symptoms and prevent sufferers from having serious, life threatening attacks is very exciting for the medical profession as a whole.

It is the drug’s anti-inflammatory properties that were demonstrated in the study that will help in the battle against Asthma.

Asthma causes about half a million hospital admission each year, and it costs America almost 5 billion dollars every year in Medicare costs. It is still early days and more research will need to be carried out but potentially drugs like Pfizer’s Lipitor could radically cut health costs throughout the world.

Other areas that the statins could be used include Alzheimer’s disease and it could greatly lessen the risks posed by both pneumonia and blood clotting. The medicine has been proven to prevent stroke and heart attacks, heart disease and its side effects have been found to be minimal.

Medco’s, Dr Robert Epstein explained that there were over a third less visits to the emergency room amongst the over 6,500 thousand patients studied that were also taking a statin.

At a meeting in Washington, held by the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology the findings were agreed to be significant and provided a lot of hope.



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