Study: Link Between Adult Asthma And Traffic Pollutants

adult asthmaA new study found strong evidence that inhaling harmful gases of traffic pollution poses more risk for asthma in adults and kids as well.

Study reports found that there is a strong connection between asthma risk and traffic pollutants.

In previous studies, researchers linked childhood asthma with traffic related pollutants, but in the current study they found link between harmful pollutants of traffic and onset of asthma in adults.

Over 11 years of follow up, 41 of the adults developed asthma. The results showed that adults most impacted by traffic-related particles had “50 to 100 percent higher risks” of developing asthma, compared to those living at residences with low levels of traffic-related pollutants.

Ultimately, the findings suggest that pollutants emerging from traffic play a key role in developing asthma in adults.

Source: Thorax



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