The Effects of Smoking on Asthma

Smoking can control appetite but it is harmful to lung, throat, bladder cancer, emphysema (chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases), chronic bronchitis, etc. It also leads to many health conditions like heart attacks, stroke, wrinkles of the skin and respiratory tract infections. A smoking pregnant woman will not only harm herself but also harm her child.

Smoking and Asthma- What is the link?

Smoking harms your body in many ways either you are a social smoker or chain smoke. It mainly harms the respiratory system. The airways of asthma persons are very sensitive and they can easily react to many things. Asthma and smoking are interlink because tobacco smoke is one of the asthma trigger.

Cigarette smoking and asthma are linked to each other. Asthma patient allergic inflammation of the bronchial tubes causes the mucus production, which leads to cough and formation of phlegm. The prolonged asthma smoker will inhale more tobacco which leads to stimulation of excess mucus, which results in daily cough with phlegm.

The effects of smoking on Asthma

Is smoke so harmful?

Yes! Smoke is harmful. When a person smoking, he inhales tobacco, the irritating substances settle in the airways which can lead to many asthma problems. The lungs of the asthma individuals are in poor state than the normal individuals. These people often experience asthma symptoms.

Cigarette smoke also damages cilia (the hair like projections in the airways), the main role of cilia is to sweep away the dust and mucus from the airways. Tobacco also contains few carcinogens (cancer causing substances) which will settle in the lungs and causes lung diseases such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, etc.

Can pregnant women smoke?

Smoking harms both the mother and child. Mothers lungs are harmed directly, while the nicotine and other harmful substances present in many tobacco products will carry through the bloodstream of the mother and enters directly to the baby. The child may develop respiratory problems and they are more likely to develop asthma. Smoking and pregnancy are also linked; they can deliver low-weight babies, premature births and sudden infant death syndrome.

Reduce exposure to smoke

Quit smoking for your children and yourself. If any of your friends or family members smoke  make them understand the dangers and risks of smoking and give confidence them to quit. Quitting smoking is not always easy. There are many ways like programs, methods which will help you to quit smoking.  Ask your doctor, he is the right person to help you with the method that is best for you.

How to quit smoking?

  • Discuss this with your doctor. Decide the day when you will quit smoking and prepare for it.
  • Throw away all cigarettes, ash trays and lighters from your home.
  • Stay away from people who smoke and avoid all situations that make you feel like smoking.
  • Whenever you feel like smoking, take a deep breath and control yourself for few minutes and make yourself busy with few activities.
  • Do not allow anyone to smoke at your place. If it is a public place simply walk away from the place.
  • If you feel like smoking grab some finger foods like carrot, chewing gums, etc.
  • Stay active; join yoga, meditation classes to keep your mind off smoking.


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