6 Tips to Manage Cold Weather Asthma

Cold air can literally take the breath away for a person who suffers from asthma. The lungs of asthma patients have become hypersensitive and inflamed causing the muscles around the bronchial tubes to constrict making the simple task of breathing more difficult. Plan ahead and talk to your doctor provide about treatment plans that help you to be the healthiest you all year long. Here is how to gain control over asthma in cold weathers.6 Tips to Manage Cold Weather Asthma

Top 6 Tips for cold weather asthma

During the cold winter days, dry, cold air can put you in trouble in breathing. Fortunately, by taking few simple and easy precautions you can keep your children’s and yourself away from cold weather asthma.

  • Watch for chilly and windy weather
    Cover your mouth and nose when you go out in cold and windy weather. Limit outdoor activities when the weather might change quickly.
  • Keep your eyes on indoor triggers
    When indoor heating starts, levels of indoor irritants rise. Wash bleeding in hot water weekly, vacuum, and dust several times a week and bath pets regularly.
  • Get a flu vaccine
    The flu can cause severe illness for adults and children with asthma, including pneumonia. Get a flu vaccine and stay healthy.
  • Manage Medications
    As always; take your prescribed medication as directed by your health care provider. Following prescription can also help you avoid winter colds.
  • Smell for smoke
    Avoid the warm glow of bonfires, fireplaces, fire pits and scented candelas which can trigger the attack.
  • Wash your hands
    Wash your hands frequently and properly with water or with liquid hand wash. This is the simple and easy way to be an away from viruses, colds, and other infections. You can also use hand sanitizers based on alcohol will work. Practice a good hand wash technique, and teach your children as well, which will reduce the spread of germs in your house.

Other Winter Asthma Tips

  • When you are outdoor, use a scarf or neck gaiter to cover your nose. This will allow warming the air which you are inhaling.
  • Avoid outdoor exercises.
  • Change your filters in the heating system each year before the season starts.
  • Use a room humidifier to increase the moisture, because indoor heating can irritate your airways and dry the air. Adjust the room humidifier to 30-45%, the high humidity can lead to the growth of mold, mildew and dust mites.
  • Clean the humidifier and replace the water daily as a You can also use demineralised or distilled water in your humidifier because if you use tap water there are high chances of bacterial growth.
  • Dust your house frequently, which will reduce allergens. Use a vacuum with HEPA (high-efficiency filters) to clean the carpets, fabric covers, furniture, etc.
  • Wash your pillows, bed sheets at least once a week in hot water above 130 degrees
  • Make sure that you are free from cigarette, smoke, candle smoke and fireplace.

It might take little effort to control your asthma during cold weather, but following these things will help you to manage winter on your asthma.


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