Top 8 Asthma Myths

Asthma affects so many families and tends to curtail so many activities that people are usually anxious to find out about effective remedies and means to control the condition. It is this very anxiety that makes people more likely to believe some of the myths that have come to be associated with asthma. We separate asthma fact from asthma fiction:

1. Asthma can be cured

Asthma is not a curable condition no matter what product manufacturers say. It can only be controlled and managed to the best extent possible by medications, lifestyle alterations and diet changes. Even moving to a different location will not cure asthma; the symptoms are likely to return sooner or later.

2. Inhalers are addictive and expensive

Inhalers are not addictive. In fact they can be a good habit for an asthmatic to form. Also inhalers will turn out to be less expensive and more effective than a lot of other asthma remedies, particularly oral medication.

3. A peak flow meter is a complicated device and difficult to use

You can think of a peak flow meter as a thermometer for asthma. Once you get used to using it, it will become valuable tool to known how well controlling your asthma is. It is also useful for adjusting medication dosage.

4. Asthma is disturbing but not life threatening

If you think of asthma as a mere inconvenience or a disturbance to your life and not as a potentially life threatening condition, you would be underestimating it. It not only impacts quality of life negatively, in many cases asthma can be life threatening and is known to take lives.

5. Steroids prescribed for asthma are the same as banned substances

When we hear the word ‘steroid, we tend to think in terms of banned substances and supplements that athletes use to enhance performance and build muscle. However the steroids used for asthma medications are not the same.

6. Asthmatics cannot exercise

Asthma can be exercise induced but so long as it is controlled there should be no problem. In fact some of the top athletes in the world are asthmatics.

7. Asthma’s all in the mind

Though asthma can be triggered by emotional problems, mood and stress, it is not an emotional problem and neither is it all in the mind.

8. You can outgrow asthma

Many children tend to have fewer symptoms as they reach their teens. However they tend to return as some point in adulthood so asthma is not something you can outgrow.



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