Traffic Is Major Cause Of Child Asthma Hospitalization

child asthmaIn a study published by the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, scientists have proven how children in polluted environments with a high density of traffic develop severe asthma and have to be hospitalised.

It had already been demonstrated that numerous children living in or going to school in areas with a high traffic density suffered from asthma, although researchers are still not sure what influence traffic exposure has on repetitive asthma attacks that end up with hospitalization.

In the study of the effects of traffic pollution, half of the cases with severe asthma attacks were amongst children between the ages 1 and 3.

This led experts to assume that children exposed to traffic pollution at an early age were most likely to develop more severe asthma problems and would need to be hospitalized.

There was however no increased asthma severity in children living in social or economical areas with a lower standard of living.

Although data relative to population who live in a high-risk pollution environment and are hospitalized for severe asthma attacks, is still not conclusive, the results are promising and further studies will probably confirm the already alarming statistics.



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