Understanding Asthma Triggers And Causes

asthma triggersAny substance that irritates your respiratory passages and causes asthma is called a trigger.

Asthma is a chronic lung disease which makes the airways sensitive to irritants and causes difficulty in breathing.

Asthma can be controlled and managed by controlling asthma triggers and can lead a normal and active life.

A trigger sets of an attack and does not make asthmatic in the first place.

Asthma triggers are used to describe the factors which can cause an attack in some one who already has asthma.

Generally if you are allergic to dog or cat or dust mites or pollen, it is said that these are the causes of asthma. Instead of calling these things as causes of asthma, people are calling them as asthma triggers like your cat is triggering your asthma.

As people are calling the cause of asthma as asthma triggers, they are thinking that triggers are not important and are using just inhalers instead of finding out the cause of asthma and not concentrating removing them from environment.

Cause is something without which you would not be asthmatic. There may be many causes of asthma attack. A trigger is nothing but a type of cause but both are not same.

For example, if you don’t have asthmatic lungs and your asthma can be controlled with the treatment, a cold cannot give any symptoms of asthma. Therefore you can call cold as trigger factor.

Exercise is called as one of the asthma triggers. If you have asthma already, it can be worsened after exercising. You can exercise if you keep inhaler close to you to control the asthma triggers.

Dust mites which can be found almost in every room and in every place like bed sheets, carpets, furniture, stuffed toys and pillows are major asthma triggers. These dust mites are causes of asthma in the past but now they become asthma triggers.

Tobacco smoke is the mixture of burning end of cigarette and the smoke exhaled by the smoker which is often found at homes and outside and is one of the asthma triggers.

Be aware of foods which may cause allergic reaction and avoid them. Be careful with all the chemicals such as detergents, soaps, perfumes and shampoo. These are the triggers of an asthma attack.

Constipation and poor digestion are the asthma triggers. Eat little and more often so that your digestive system does not get clogged up.

Pets skin flakes, urine and saliva can be found in homes where pets are allowed inside are the asthma triggers. For example, if you have asthma whenever you go near pets, then pets are the cause of asthma and now these pets become asthma triggers. It is nothing but pets are the causes of asthma and asthma triggers.

If you concentrate only on the asthma triggers, then you really leave the point that contact with pets was the cause of asthma in the beginning. If you are suffering with asthma, you have to avoid both cause of asthma and asthma triggers but causes are more serious. Without the causes of asthma, asthma triggers will not do any harm.



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