Alternative Ways of Treating Asthma

When we talk of a non-drug treatment of curing asthma it is important to think of techniques of increasing the body’s ability to immune itself from the attacks. There have been many success stories in using these treatments though opinions vary across the globe regarding its efficacy. Below given are some of the alternative ways of treating asthma.

ways of treating asthma

The Options of Alternative Treatment to Cure Asthma

Chinese Herbs

Its advisable to take recourse to herbs and vitamins. A Chinese herb called ding-chan tang and Ma-Huang reduces the inflammation and reduces the pain. Coleus Forshkholii contains forksolin which act as a bronchodilator. Lobelia, Reishi mushroom and Glycrizza are all anti-inflammatory with a soothing effect. But it is very important to discuss with your doctor if you are thinking of beginning a treatment with any of these herbs taking into account the side effects.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises and yoga postures releases stress and helps to control bronchospasm. Pranayama will help you to breathe deeply, reduce stress and expand your lungs. To effectively lessen asthma symptoms you can also try Buteyko breathing technique and Papworth method.

Vitamins and Supplements

Concentrate on whole and organic food and try to avoid carbohydrates, sweetners and food additives. Different people will have allergy to different food ranging from meats to alcohol or dairy products. Identify them fast and try and eliminate them from your diet.


Acupuncture, the ancient treatment follows the philosophy that energy is flowing through the human body in opposite “positive” and “negative” forces – namely yin and yang. Asthma occurs when these forces are not in proper balance. Thus by piercing needles into the skin at certain points that follow these meridians, the forces are balanced and aids the patient to recover from the disease. For asthma, very thin needles are pierced at the upper back and hand portions; it has been a very effective form of treating asthma.

Some more Home Remedies to Cure Asthma are 

  • Fish oil, flaxseed oil , omega three and magnesium if incorporated in the correct proportion can work wonders too.
  • Intake of more water to cleanse your respiratory tract.
  • Change your oil with extra virgin olive while cooking at home.

Breathe correctly, warm–up, exercise, get engaged in physical activities, eat correctly and try herbal medicines – very soon you will emerge a winner in conquering asthma. It is recommended to practice these alternate therapies and eliminate medicines under the able guidance of a medical practitioner.


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