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Top 6 Tips to Relieve Dust Allergies

Top 6 Tips to Relieve Dust Allergies

Many people are habituated in taking allergy medication to resolve seasonal allergies, but rather than going with the medication you can go on the natural and healthy way to avoid symptoms without spending much time, money, and stress on the medication each time.  There are few thousands of people who have this problem; this is […]

How to Allergy-proof your Home

How to Allergy-proof your Home

Allergies can be very harmful when you are suffering from asthma; it will cause you extra pain and infection. So, it is very important to stay away from allergies and allergy-proof your home by following the below simple tips. To determine whether it is asthma or allergies is very difficult because allergies are sneaky; they […]

7 Foods and Nutrients that Fight Allergies

7 Foods and Nutrients that Fight Allergies

Spring season and summer season, both are fun-filled seasons but is not the same for people who have allergies such as grasses, airborne triggers, pollen, etc. Below discussed are 7 foods and nutrients which can take care of these allergies. 7 Foods that Fight Allergies Pineapple Pineapple contains a powerful enzyme called bromelain, to help […]

all you need to know about amoxicillin allergy

All you Need to Know About Amoxicillin Allergy

Amoxicillin which is also known as amox is basically an antibiotic that is employed in the treatment of a number of bacterial infections. It is considered to be the first line treatment for middle ear infections but can also be used for pneumonia,  strep throat,  skin infections, and urinary tract infections among several others. This antibiotic is taken orally but it […]

common allergic reactions to antibiotics

Common Allergic Reactions to Antibiotics

Antibiotics are the most common form of medication prescribed all across the world. The therapeutic action of an antibiotic is desirable but it is often accompanied with different unwanted reactions or side effects. When taken in prescribed dose, antibiotics are more or less safe with no or very few side effects. However, just like other […]

tips to avoid allergies while travelling

Effective Tips to Avoid Allergies while Travelling

Travelling exposes you to numerous things that can bring on allergies and some of them can be really severe. Pollens, certain foods, birds, insects and even fruit bats can bring on allergies. Seasonal allergies usually happen at certain times of the year, and the most common symptoms of getting an allergic reaction is itchy nose […]

fragrance sensitivity and how to deal with it

Fragrance Sensitivity and How to Deal with it

In case you are suffering from sensitivity to any fragrance, just know that you are not alone as large number of people faces the same problem. The fragrance sensitivity can cause various allergic reactions including asthma attacks in some people. It is impossible to always stay away from all types of scents, so it is […]

lanolin allergy

A Comprehensive Knowhow about Lanolin Allergy

The waxy or oily substance that is got from the sheep or other similar furry animals (it keeps the wool waterproof) is lanolin and when people having lanolin allergy comes in contact with wool or other products with lanolin they develop symptoms in the form of itchy skin rash. Lanolin is also found in lotions, […]

relationship between vog and asthma

Know the Relationship Between Vog and Asthma

Vog is a type of an air pollution which is formed when sulfur dioxide and the other gases that are emitted at the time of an erupting volcano react with the moisture and oxygen in the presence of sunlight.  The term is most commonly used in the area of the Hawaiian Islands. As a result […]

serious allergies you must know about

Serious Allergies you Must Know About

What are Allergies? The constitution of every human being is different. Thus your body will react to certain alien items very differently from that of your friend. You may have seen that your friend avoids sea food because she gets rashes from them and your uncle stays away from cats because he starts sneezing when […]