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Top Essential Oils used for Allergy Relief

Top Essential Oils used for Allergy Relief

Scientifically, allergies are said to be a condition when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance abnormally. An allergy happens due to dust, animal hair, pollen, foods or synthetic materials and causes an over-reaction to our immune system. It causes different sorts of effects on human body like dry patches, itchy rashes, watery or […]

important information about MSG allergy

Important Information about MSG Allergy

The full form of MSG is Mono Sodium Glutamate and it is generally added to food items, especially ready to eat ones in order to enhance their taste. There are however a bit of controversy regarding its potential of causing allergy like symptoms. Though some people have reported some symptoms it is yet to be […]

cashew allergy symptoms and treatment

Cashew Allergy-Symptoms and Treatment

Cashews are surely one of the healthiest nuts in the world but a lot of people are allergic to these little kernels of nutrition.  Cashew allergy is common both in children and adults and can cause severe allergic reactions, even if people are exposed to small amounts of it.  There are many ways to detect […]

symptoms of banana allergies

Banana Allergies – Symptoms and How to Deal with it

Banana is one of the most familiar fruits all over the world, best for tender ages and even better for adults who suffer from bowel related troubles. The fruit is rich in nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, fibre and iron. Unfortunately, many people suffer from banana allergy that is marked with itching of the […]

list of foods that can cause allergies

A List of Foods that can cause Allergies

A food allergy is caused when your immune system reacts differently and abnormally after you eat or drink something. Millions of people all around the world suffer from different food allergies and the symptoms varies from mild to severe. Children are most likely to experience food allergies. It is not that common in adults as […]

cinnamon allergy symptoms

Learn about Cinnamon Allergy Symptoms and Ways to Treat it

The spice cinnamon is used in many dishes all over the globe, not only to bring taste and flavour but also to reap its innumerable health benefits. Unfortunately, some people have acute sensitivity to cinnamon; although the intensity of the allergy can vary from mild to severe but the pain and discomfort is truly intolerable […]

need to know about baby food allergies

All you Need to Know About Baby Food Allergies

Baby food allergy refers to the condition wherein the baby’s immune system has an adverse or bad reaction to a certain food component he/ she has consumed. It is like the immune system treats the food the baby is allergic to as an invader and hence launches an attack to protect the body from it. […]

food allergies in babies and toddlers

Symptoms and How to Deal with Food Allergies in Babies and Toddlers

When a child is allergic to food; the food comes to her/him like an invader first attacking the immune system. In some cases, the body will automatically make an antibody called IgE, which is a protein that detects the food causing the allergy and releases substances such as histamine to fight the allergy. Thereby, you […]

wheat allergy

Wheat Allergy – Its Symptoms and Signs

What Causes Wheat Allergy? Wheat contains four types of proteins; namely albumin, gliadin, globulin and gluten – if you are allergic to any one of these proteins then you are prone to have wheat allergy on consumption of the same. Kids are more prone to these allergens; sometimes the first signs are visible when you […]

food allergy symptoms

7 Most Common Food Allergy Symptoms

Food allergies are those common types of allergies which are caused due to intake of certain foods which a person might be allergic to. The allergy leads to certain symptoms and even serious results in some of the cases. Thus it is important to identify which food has caused the allergy so that it can […]