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Best Dogs for People with Allergy

A lot of people suffer from allergies which are brought to them by pets like dogs. So if you are a dog lover who suffers from allergies, you are probably being discouraged to keep a pet. However, there are certain breeds of dogs which are more or less hypoallergenic, that is chances of getting allergy […]


Top 6 Hypoallergenic Cats

A hypoallergenic cat is a cat which is likely to cause fewer allergens than the other cat breeds. It is common for cats to produce a lot of dander which is known to be an allergen but there are some cats which may not produce as much of it as others. Those who are allergic […]

make your home pet allergy free

How to Make your Home Pet Allergy Free: 8 Tips

Pet allergy refers to the allergies that arise as a reaction to the allergens found in the skin cells, saliva or urine of pet animals. The most common signs of the pet allergies include sneezing and runny nose while some may also experience wheezing and a trigger of asthmatic episode. People who suffer from these […]

treat pet allergies naturally

How to Treat Pet Allergies Naturally?

Most of you must have pets and the obvious choice for these pets is either a dog or a cat or mostly furry animals. Some of you may even have birds and fishes and tarantulas as pets but the first two choices are the most common and they also come with a lot of skin […]

avoiding cat allergy

Avoiding Cat Allergy – A Comprehensive Guide

Like dogs, cats can be good pets but with cats you always have the risk of getting allergies. This is mainly due to the hairiness of the felines. But allergies does not mean that you have to stop cuddling your pet or stay away from other family members. Just a little bit of precaution can […]

cat allergy

Important Facts about Cat Allergy

Cat allergy in humans can be described as an allergic reaction produced by one or more allergens of cat. As per medical literature there are 5 allergens of cat that causes this kind of allergy; among which major allergens are secretoglobin, lipocalin. Cats are most common pets among those people who are suffering from pet […]

pet allergies myths

4 Most Common Myths Regarding Pet Allergies

Pet allergies are those kinds of allergies which result due to the presence of pets and the most common allergen in this case is animal dander.  It is true that pet allergies are very common and a lot of people show symptoms of pet allergies such as wheezing, sneezing, coughing, asthma etc., but most of […]

Treatment Of Dog Allergies

Treatment Of Dog Allergies

Your dog can develop many types of allergies from a variety of allergens.  Some things which can result in an allergy for your dog are environment irritants such as dust mites, pollens or food additives or even flea bites.  Unlike humans, dogs do not show any allergic reaction by coughing or sneezing but in the […]

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Having Dogs, Not Cats Increases Asthma Risk

Those children who already have an above average risk of asthma, due to history of asthma in the family could find that their risk increases by the fact of having a dog in the house. A recent study conducted on 380 children found that those 7 year old who were exposed to dog allergens were […]

I Am Allergic To Cats But Not Dogs, Why? Dr Hecht Answers

I Am Allergic To Cats But Not Dogs, Why? Dr Hecht Answers

If all those allergic to cats are wondering why they can be around dogs but not cats, then there is a simple answer according to Dr Mitchell Hecht of the Philadelphia inquirer, and that is Dander. It isn’t the hair or the fur that is causing the allergic reaction to cats to appear; rather it […]