Asthma In Children? Learn About Signs And Symptoms To Control It!

asthma in childrenAsthma in children is a serious problem that affects them in a way such which makes them feel bad.

It is a life threatening disease. It can begin at any age, but most children have their symptoms at the age of five.

Many children are developing asthma because they are being exposed to more and more allergens such as pollution, dust and smoke.

Some experts say that children are not exposed to enough childhood illnesses to build up their immune system.

Asthma in children can be controlled with medications which prevent and controls asthma attacks. It will be difficult to understand what medications should be used and what you have to do to control asthma in children.

Signs and symptoms of asthma in children:

There are many symptoms of asthma in children. The common symptoms are shortness of breath, wheezing, tightness in the chest, feeling of weakness or tiredness, less energy during play, and cough which are common in childhood. Asthma in children can cause due to cold or changes in weather. Children can also get asthma due to some physical activities.

Asthma attack can also be caused due to the exposure to pollution, smoke, dust particles, animals and mold. You should learn what causes asthma in children and keep children away from them.

Asthma in children can be diagnosed easily:

Diagnosis of asthma in children can easily be done if the child is wheezing and having trouble breathing. It is difficult if the child has only cough or cough variant asthma. Watch your child and make sure that your child is not wheezing.

If they are wheezing, check their breathing and make sure that they are not having difficulty getting air into pathways. Once you recognize asthma in children, take immediately to the doctor. They perform tests and determine whether your child has asthma or not.

The most useful test to diagnose asthma in children is peak flow meter. It measures peak expiratory flow rate that is a measure of how fast air can be pushed out of the lungs. It is difficult to diagnose asthma in smaller children and infants.

Once the doctor determines that child has asthma, they will give medication if required. Doctor if necessary restricts the physical activity or exercise to control asthma in children.

Once doctor prescribes medications, you should give medications regularly to your child. If your child is using medications regularly and still asthma is not being controlled, you have to find out different form of medication.

Consult the child’s physician and make sure that your child is on the right medication or not. Sometimes different method of medication can be used. You have to make lifestyle changes to make sure asthma in children is controlled.

Be sure that you are taking necessary precautions so that your children can live happy and healthy life with no complications due to asthma.



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