Asthma In Toddlers: The Most Common And Terrible Inflammation In Kids!

Asthma In ToddlersWhat could be the most terrible thing than seeing your child out of breath and almost wheezing his/her lungs out for breath.

Gasping for breath is the most common condition for asthma in toddlers.

If you think childhood asthma is terrible, then it is very essential for you to realize that asthma in toddlers is most horrible.

For most of the children who are suffering from asthma, treatment is as necessary as when they were toddlers. So, it is very essential for your kid to get tested for asthma as soon as possible.

Recent study has proved that more than five million children are suffering with asthma, in which 1,73,000 are suffering from severe manifestations.

Cold or asthma?

Most of you might get confused with normal cold and asthma in toddlers. These tips can be useful for you in identifying those signs of asthma in your kid. Some of them include:

  • Asthma in toddlers is mainly characterized with persistent cough which sounds like as if the lungs are crammed.
  • Very rarely, the cough involved in asthma will come out as wheezing.
  • Flaring nostrils can be due to the inflammation in the air passages.
  • Muscle retractions, particularly at the chest area.
  • If your kid is breathing more rapidly than the usual in sleep, then it could be a sign of asthma. At this stage, your child needs immediate medical attention, because this is the worst condition of breathing in your toddler.
  • Lack of enthusiasm is also one of signs for asthma in toddlers.
  • Losing stamina while playing is also one of the signs to suspect asthma in toddlers.
  • Difficulty of breathing in your child while you are feeding is also another symptom for asthma.

Asthma in toddlers is not permanent!

When your doctor analyzes that your kid is having asthma, don’t get worried about it or don’t loose your heart. Asthma in toddlers is not a life long problem and it is not compulsory that your kid have to live with those inhalers through out the life.

Asthma in toddlers can be cured easily, if it is treated promptly in right time. In many cases, asthma in toddlers vanishes in his\her adulthood and more over your child will become resistant against the disease.

When ever you suspect that your kid is suffering with asthma, immediately take them to the doctor for proper medication.

Essential tips involved in the treatment of asthma in toddlers

  • Cigarette smoking is the best trigger for asthma, so try to avoid smoking near your kid and also don’t take them into smoky environment.
  • Always try to keep the bedding of your kid clean and dust free.
  • Try to limit the exposure of your child to laborious outdoor play in spring and fall seasons.
  • Stress and emotions are also most dangerous triggers of asthma in toddlers. So, try to relax or calm down your children when ever they feel stress.


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