Burger Intake Increases Asthma Risk

In a study involving fifty thousand children, it was found that three or more burgers a week increases asthma risk in children. This risk of wheezing and asthma was seen to reduce, the more fresh fruit, vegetables and fish the children were seen to consume.

While it is not burgers per se, the risk of asthma is seen to increase in the richer nations where diets include more junk food.

Rather than meat in the diet, it was over all lifestyle factors that were seen to increase the risk of asthma.

The lifestyle and environmental factors such as diet and lack of exercise that increase obesity risk were seen to be contributing to asthma risk.

On the other hand, a healthier diet of veggies, fish and fruit has antioxidants, Omega 3 fatty acids and anti inflammatory that stave off asthma risk.



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