Is Your Child With Asthma Safe At School?

asthma childAbout 75 percent of all teachers do not feel confident in their ability to respond if a child has an asthma attack while in their classroom.

On average, there are two children in each classroom who suffer from asthma.

Because teachers do not feel confident about managing children with asthma in the classroom, those children are often restricted from participating in class activities, such as physical education and field trips, or even playing with their classmates.

Almost 75 percent of students with asthma said they had trouble participating in physical education classes.

On the other hand, some teachers who do not understand asthma may think their students are over-reacting, or being overly dramatic.

If you have a child with asthma, talk to the principal at their school to find out what kind of education teachers are given regarding asthma.

You may also wish to talk with your child’s teachers and the school nurse to make sure they understand how to respond in the event of an asthma attack. You should also make sure your child understands what to do and has appropriate medications for asthma available to him.



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