Peanut Allergy Linked To More Severe Kids’ Asthma

A recent study examined the possible link between peanut allergy and asthma among children and found that those children who had a peanut allergy were prone to more severe asthma attacks.

It was found by researchers that those asthmatic children between ages 5 and 18 who had peanut allergy as well were more likely to be hospitalized for complications arising out of asthma than other children those who had no food allergy.

The children with food allergies also had more instances where they were required to take corticosteroids which administered in the short term for controlling severe asthma symptoms and are anti inflammatory in nature.

peanutsWhereas 23% of asthmatic children with peanut allergy had been hospitalized after age 3, only 16% of those without peanut allergy required hospitalization, the study observed.

Other factors such as other allergies and family history of asthma were taken into account; however, it was seen that it was peanut allergy that accounted for more oral steroid use as also more hospitalizations.

It is recommended that parents of those children who have asthma and peanut allergy should be careful to:

  • Keep the asthma under control
  • Minimize exposure to asthma triggers
  • Help the child maintain a healthy weight
  • Be regular about medications.


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