Pediatric Asthma-How Parents Can Help Their Asthmatic Kids?

Pediatric AsthmaChildhood should be free and enjoyable with stress free life.

But, unfortunately pediatric asthma is making childhood as stressful for a child as adulthood is for an adult.

Pediatric asthma makes child stressful many times over.

Pediatric asthma and stress are related to each other. Asthma can lead to stress and stress worsens the asthma. If your child has asthma, entire household will be under stress. As pediatric asthma has increased over years, early diagnosis of pediatric asthma is important.

Most of the time children breathe normally with asthma. Triggers can cause asthma attack.

Some of the triggers that cause pediatric asthma are:

  • Dust
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Exercise
  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Strong emotions
  • Chemicals in the air
  • Viral infections such as cold
  • Changes in weather
  • Animal dander

Children’s airways are narrower than adults. Triggers that cause only a slight response in an adult can be much more serious in children. In children, the symptoms can be severe and appear suddenly.

During asthma attack, child has difficulty to breathe and begin to breathe very fast. A continuous night time cough is the common sign of asthma [Symptoms Of Asthma In Child]. If the child has severe asthma attack, medical evaluation is required which require hospitalization, oxygen and medications.


Spirometer is used to test the child’s breathing in order to diagnose the asthma. You can use peak flow meter to assess the ability of child to breathe. Loss of peak flow can signal an asthma attack.

Pediatric asthma treatment plan:

The important step in reducing pediatric asthma is, reduce stress on your child and stick to asthma treatment plan. Sticking to treatment plan whether there are symptoms are not prevents the symptoms from showing up.

Children with mild asthma can use relief medications as needed. Those with persistent asthma should take control medications on a regular basis to prevent symptoms from occurring. The common treatment in children is inhaled bronchodilator medications.

They are highly effective in opening airways narrowed by asthma. They have few side effects when used in recommended dose and frequency. These medications are available in metered dose inhalers and nebulizer.

Caregivers should look after the children and reduce the stress. Caring for a child with asthma can be stressful for parents and family members. But, parents should avoid smoking at home or around home because it worsens pediatric asthma.

The best way to deal with pediatric asthma and the stress it causes is to get a working asthma treatment plan. The treatment plan should include management of asthma and the environment, medication and clearly defined steps to take in case of an emergency.

Strict and solid action plan gives confidence to you and your child to handle whatever situations arise and the confidence to know you are controlling pediatric asthma rather than asthma controlling you.



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