Social Background Has Effect On Childhood Asthma

childhood asthmaNew studies show that children who grow up in areas that have high economic potential and a strong sense of community are less likely to develop childhood asthma.

The study, conducted in Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago studied the social factors that may influence the development of childhood asthma where economic and environmental factors are generally considered to be the heavy influents.

Dr. Ruchi S. Gupta who participated in the study said that it was nice to see some positive parameters of childhood asthma protection since most of the research tends to focus on negative contributing factors.

Given the sharp differences between economic levels and the prevalence of childhood asthma that lacks a clear definition in Chicago the research team decided to see if community characteristics could define the gap.

The study looked at the asthma screening surveys of 45,177 Chicago children from public schools that were taken between the years of 2003 and 2005. The children were mapped by neighborhood location and then placed into one of four groups of neighborhood asthma cases.

The findings showed the neighborhoods with a low occurrence rate of asthma had economic growth potential and high scores on the Community Vitality Index which includes social capital among residents of the areas.



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