Effective Tips for Using Nebulizer among Children

It is often seen that the allergy symptoms among children do not only stop with watery eyes and stuffy nose. If children suffer from asthma, they will often be exposed to breathing problem, which is extremely difficult for them to go through.

When this is the problem, the doctors usually prescribe for a kind of breathing machine, which is called as a nebulizer. Children usually experience problems while using the nebulizer.

However, it is essential to follow some tips, which will help in using nebulizer effectively among children. Below mentioned are some tips that can be followed for the same.

pediatric nebulizers

Tips for using nebulizer among children

Get Children Introduced to Creative Nebulizers

Nebulizer machines are sometimes quite scary. There are many pediatric nebulizers which are available in various designs such as dogs, pandas, penguins, fire trucks and a lot more. This will definitely attract the children. Hence, using nebulizer will surely not be a problem.

Let them Hold the Mask

Let the children hold the mask themselves. This will make it easier and will also provide with some control over it.

Keep Entertaining them

If they do not like it, keep entertaining them and divert their mind. When using the nebulizer, you can let them watch cartoons or can narrate a story to them. This will help them to spend their time when using the nebulizer.

Make them Feel like a Game

For the fussy kids, this can be a brilliant idea. Create a scenario wherein your child feels like a dragon blowing out smoke. If at all your child is a little old, then you can try to use a building block nebulizer. They will take it sportingly and also get the relief at the same time.

Make use of a Pacifier Attachment

Considering the age, it would be easy to make use of a pacifier. They can either make use of the pacifier under mask or can also make use of a pacifier attachment for the sake of putting the nebulizer on instead of the mask.

With these tips, it is sure that it will be easy for the kids to use a nebulizer. The advice of the doctors is extremely essential before they actually make use of the same.

Depending on the fussiness and the preference of the kids, it is essential that you check out for the kind of nebulizer you would want to use. This is very sure to provide with extreme relief to the children going through asthma.

Photo Credit By: medline.com


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