Want To Avoid Asthma In Your Kids? Eat Grains And Nuts When Pregnant

The respiratory condition of asthma is seen to be impacted by a mother’s activities, habits and diet when pregnant; a link between asthma and the mother-to-be’s diet has been recently explored by researchers.

If women want to avoid having children with allergies, they must eat lot of grains, cereals and nuts, they are told. The researchers found that pregnant women who ate diets that were low in vitamin E were more likely to have children who suffered from asthma.

The researchers were able to establish that if the mother’s diet was low in vitamin E, the developing lungs of the baby were affected. What was also seen to be affected was the way that the baby’s immune system responded to allergens later.

grains and cereals

The incidence of asthma attacks is seen to be rising in countries such as the UK and the US. Whereas in 1960, 4% of the population was affected, now about 25% are affected. This is attributed to change in eating habits. Earlier what we ate was largely seasonal, but now food is more processed and lower on nutrients.

Source: stv



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