What Are The Triggers To Look For To Control Childhood Asthma?

childhood asthmaChildhood asthma is common and many children have to deal with problems of asthma.

It is serious and potentially life threatening disease.

It affects many children and you have to understand everything about childhood asthma to make your child safe.

Understanding different medications and treatments is difficult.

You should be aware of the things that you are doing when your child is suffering with asthma. Be sure that you are giving prescribed medications to your child to protect from problems of childhood asthma.

The symptoms of childhood asthma are coughing, tightness in the chest, wheezing and difficulty in breathing.

Triggers of childhood asthma:

The causes of childhood asthma can be due to pollution, smoke, cold, dust particles, changes in the weather, chemicals, mold, animal dander and exercise. Find out what triggers asthma in your child and keep your child away from them.

Childhood asthma is caused due to running. If bronchodilator medications are used before exercise, it can prevent most of the episodes. Once asthma is controlled properly, most children can participate fully in physical activities.

Infections also trigger asthma in children. Vaccines are best to control asthma in child. Bronchodilator medication, good hydration and if required corticosteroids are required to control childhood asthma triggered by viral infections.

Childhood asthma can also be triggered by allergies. During allergy reaction, histamine chemical is released from specialized cells. This produces swelling in the lining of the airway, muscle contraction in the airways and excessive mucus secretion. Find out what allergies cause asthma in your child and avoid those allergens.

Irritants such as cigarette smoke, pollution, strong odors, and paint fumes trigger asthma. Irritants must be recognized and should be avoided. Avoid smoking in the home or near children.

Once you find that your child is wheezing or coughing, take your child to the doctor. Explain all the symptoms clearly to the doctor so that they have clear idea of the problem and treat in right way.

Discuss about asthma with your child and make sure that they know how to protect themselves. Explain what will happen during the attack and how to treat the attack to them. Clearly show them how to take medications and how to use inhalers. This information helps your child when you are not around and if the attack occurs.

Tell them to carry medication with them so that they can take care of themselves in emergency.

Childhood asthma can be managed and treated well with right diet, medication, exercise and information. A child does not need to make life completely different from all other children if they understand what they should do and how to react at the time of attack.

Once they have all the products and medicines and know about the dangers of asthma, they can protect themselves and live happily.



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