Wheezing May Be A Sign Of Infant Asthma In Some Little Children, But Not Always!

Infant AsthmaWheezing is not a sign or symptom of infant asthma.

Not all the children who are wheezing will develop asthma and not all the children who are suffering with asthma will wheeze.

This wheezing is known as high pitched, whistling noise that occurs while exhaling.

There are several causes of wheezing in infants. It may be due to viral infections, climatic change, etc. But, continuous wheezing in infants may lead to infant asthma. This is because the airways in infants will be very small and any viral infection in those airways will cause infant asthma.

It is difficult to diagnose infant asthma because small child may not be as cooperative as younger one. Infant asthma will be developed easily in small one because the lungs of the infants do not serve as functional as the lungs of the older children. So, viral infection can be obtained in them easily.

The resistance power will be less in the infants, so any infection can occur easily in them. Some times, the symptoms of the asthma in infants will be severe due to infancy. This results in the difficulty of breathing in the infants.

Sometimes the serious episode of infant asthma can result in very difficult situations which include complete and total lung failure.

There has been a strong belief that infant rash leads to infant asthma. But, the latest research has proved that infant rash doesn’t lead to infant asthma.

It also proved that only a minority of infants and young children with eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, go on to develop asthma. The presence of eczema may slightly increase the risk of developing asthma in infants.

The latest research on asthma in infants has revealed one fact that “some common respiratory illness in infants may lead to asthma”.

Their new model suggests that the viral infection which has occurred in the first years of the life will leave a lasting mark on the immune system of infants, which leads to the chronic respiratory problems later on.

Paramyxoviral infection is the most common cause of lower respiratory illness in children, which often results in chronic wheezing. The chronic wheezing is the problem in which the child will be developing allergies regardless of environmental conditions.

You can recognize what is happening during an infant asthma attack by realizing the changes in your infant. You should not delay to take your child to hospital if you observe certain emergency signs of asthma in infants.



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