Asthma Control Tips For Taking A Trip

If you have asthma and are taking a trip out of town it is likely that you are moving out of your comfort zone and are concerned about how to manage. If so keep the following in mind:

  • If visiting someone for a while, find out if they have a pet so that you can prepare before hand for an encounter or you can ask the person you are visiting to offer you a room in their house that the pet does not have access to.
  • Make sure that your stress levels are under control; particularly if you have attacks that have emotional triggers.
  • Make sure to carry all requisite medication including a couple of self-injectable epinephrine dosages in case you eat something or trigger a reaction to something else.
  • It may be a good idea to carry your own pillow, since resting on and breathing on a strange pillow could have unforeseen reactions.
  • Any allergy or asthma attack triggers are best explained to the people at the hotel or your hosts, so that complications can be avoided.
  • Take the advice of your doctor or caregiver for any practical suggestions or express avoidances that you should know about.


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