Avoid The Triggers And Control Asthma!

Control AsthmaBreathing is essential part of life and asthma is a disease which causes difficulty in breathing, therefore control asthma to breathe easier.

It takes time to discover what causes asthma because different people will be affected by different triggers and therefore it takes time to find out the triggers of asthma and control asthma.

Find out triggers and control asthma:

You may be allergic to dust mites which are common in household furniture, bed sheets, mattresses and pillows.

You have to keep your home clean with good hygiene to control asthma to a great extent.

But, unfortunately you may get asthma when you visit a hotel or friend’s house.

You can buy vacuum cleaner to clean furniture, mattresses and pillows. If you find that dust mites are causing asthma attacks, you can invest in a vacuum cleaner to reduce the symptoms of asthma and control asthma.

If you are allergic to air borne allergies such as pollen, you have to avoid visiting areas with high pollen concentration such as gardens and flower shops.

You may have asthma attack with pollution such as cigarette smoke, car fumes and other particles in the work place. You should avoid standing in such places where your asthma can be triggered.

You have to find out what triggers your asthma and avoid such situations and places where you may come into contact with specific causes and triggers. In many cases two or three triggers are responsible for asthma attack and as you grow older, many factors begin to affect you.

Keep an asthma journal with you will help you to find out when you begin to feel the symptoms of asthma.

You begin to suffer when you visit any particular friend or when a friend of your visit your place. The trigger may cause due to the fragrance that your friend is wearing or due to the unclean environment at their home.

The reason behind the asthma triggers is over time the lining of airways becomes damaged because of the constriction and inflammation that occurs during an episode and because of the medicines that are used to ease the problem.

As the damage of airways get worse, more things will begin to irritate your airways and bring an asthma attack whereas before they didn’t.

Workout continuously on what triggers your episode for a length of time and you can workout what exactly triggers your asthma. If you find that causes, you can take steps to avoid places where you come in contact with them which triggers asthma and can control asthma.

Control asthma:

  • Use an air conditioner in summer with the windows closed to help trap the air borne allergens.
  • Use an exhaust fan to remove water vapor when cooking in the kitchen.
  • Garbage containers should be emptied frequently and kept clean.
  • Keep the basement free of dust and remove moldy stored items.
  • Wash the curtains, pillow covers, and bed sheets once in a week.
  • Replace the small particulate filters in your furnace and air conditioning unit once in a month.
  • Use a humidifier as it adds moisture necessary because dry air irritate airways and cause an allergic event.


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