EPA Guidelines for Reducing Asthma Triggers this Summer

The United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has issued recommendations for reducing asthma triggers this summer.

The air quality impacts asthma triggers, which can be exacerbated in summer because of the increase in ground level ozone. This level of ozone can increase sensitivity to dust and other airborne particles.

  • Look for the air quality index when the local weather report is being issued, or check this website to check the kind of air quality you have locally available.
  • When the color coded Air Quality Index or AQI indicates that the air quality is of unhealthy levels, one must limit the amount of strenuous activity that takes place outside of the home and limit activities to indoor ones when possible.
  • Don’t smoke inside the home, since cigarette smoke is among the most common asthma triggers. Smoking inside the home or the car is a no-no, and you can get help implementing this by taking the Smoke Free Pledge.
  • Take care to reduce the amount of mold that accumulates in the home. Controlling moisture is the key to controlling mold, so it is important to wash and dry hard surfaces to remove mold. Moldy ceilings and carpets ought to be replaced if possible.


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