Essential Measures To Control Asthma At Home!

Control Asthma At HomeAsthma is a chronic lung disease which mainly affects the respiratory system of your body.

Most of the people suffering with asthma relay on the synthetic drugs and medicines.

But, there are several preventive measures to be followed personally apart from using medications and proper diet.

The surroundings and environment in which you live also play an important role in controlling asthma and other respiratory problems. Maintaining healthy and hygienic environments is very essential for prevention of asthma attacks.

How to control asthma at home?

Some of the tips which are helpful for you to control asthma at your home are given here. Try to follow these tips and make yourself free from asthma attacks.

  • Keep your home clean and make sure that your home is free from dust mites, molds and other potential triggers of asthma.
  • Wearing a mask is very essential for you while dusting your home. This will be very useful for you in reducing the severe attacks of asthma. A mask avoids dust and other allergens to enter in to lungs through the air passages.
  • Keep your bedroom clean: You will spend about one-third of your day in bedroom. So, try to keep it clean and free from dust mites. If you are more allergic to dust, then it is very essential for you to change the pillow covers and bed sheets of your bed regularly and wash them with hot water and good detergent.
  • Maintain clean and hygienic kitchen: Kitchen is the most risky place for increasing the risks of asthma. It is best place for cockroaches and dust mites to reside. These insects are the best triggers of asthma. So, try to control them by using proper pesticides. Your kitchen must be provided with good ventilators for the smoke to go out from the room.
  • Ventilators and windows: keep your ventilators and windows closed when the pollen count is high in the atmosphere.
  • Pets: Always keep your pets out of your house or at least from your bed room and kitchen.
  • Smoking: This is the most dangerous habit which can increase the risk of asthma for you. So, try to avoid smoking, at least when you are at home and also don’t smoke in your cars. [Smoking Makes Your Asthma Worse]


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