Exercise And Stay In Shape For Asthma Cure!

Asthma CureMany people think that asthma is a respiratory problem which affects the lungs, throat and nose, exercise or any physical activity rise the heart rate and may cause them to suffer from number of asthma symptoms and cannot be used as asthma cure.

That’s why people think that asthma and exercise do not go together.

The main symptoms of asthma include difficulty in breathing and tightness in the chest.

It is necessary to experiment how much exercise you can tolerate for asthma cure.

Asthma and exercise:

  • Exercise is important for asthma cure, but you must start off gently. You start with gentle walk on fine weather as exercise in cold weather may do harm than good. Slowly you can increase the distance and try to walk faster so that your heart rate increases slightly each time.
  • If you have mild asthma, you can swim or jog rather than walk and you can add minutes to your daily work routine until you begin to feel that it is affecting your breathing. Exercise helps to stay in shape and helps in asthma cure.
  • Perform some kind of physical activity daily in order to keep your lungs in the best proper form for asthma cure. Even though your airways are affected by allergies and irritants, you need proper medication to work them properly for asthma cure and your lungs need to be kept in the proper function.
  • If you are suffering with asthma, include exercises such as swimming, jogging, cycling and light aerobics which can help for asthma cure. Before starting any exercise, consult your doctor and discuss the problems you may face with asthma and exercise.
  • Yoga can be done without any strain which tones your muscles and teaches to breathe properly and is the best asthma cure. It relaxes your body and improves your breathing. It is a great stress reliever and practicing yoga can control your emotions.
  • Breathing exercises are great for asthma cure which strengthens the lungs and the airways that lead to the lungs. Practice breathing exercises regularly to help improve the condition of lungs and preparing them for physical activity.

Strengthening the lungs is the main part of the asthma cure as you feel the physical activity easier with strengthening of lungs. Don’t force yourself with too much exercise as it can make the problem worse.

If you don’t want to perform exercises, play with your kids or walk with your dog as it is one of the steps of asthma cure. What ever you do, it should work on your lungs to make them strong.

Exercise helps you to feel better and helps to stay in shape. It also makes you confident and makes it easier for asthma cure. Exercise is important for everyone and particularly for asthma patients as it keeps you in shape and helps in reduction of weight. If you are in good shape with proper weight, your body can withstand illnesses including asthma.

Asthma and exercise should go hand in hand for controlling the condition and for asthma cure.



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