Explaining Your Condition Of Asthma Attack To Others!

asthma attackIt is important to explain about your asthma attack to the people in your life and tell them what to expect in the event of asthma attack.

You know not to panic during an asthma attack but other people don’t know about it and they may panic about your asthma attack.

You have to explain what may happen during an asthma attack and should not try to worry your listeners.

You have to make them aware about asthma facts that asthma attack is quite mild and normal inhaler can quickly reverse the effects.

But, you should also warn them that sometimes your asthma attacks may be worse if you are suffering with cold or with some kind of allergic reaction. In such cases, nebulizer should be used or consult a doctor.

You should make aware of this condition to your close friends and relatives as they may be around you often.

To whom so ever you are explaining the condition, they should find your medicines and how to get in touch with your doctor or take to the hospital in case if any worse situation occurs.

It is important that when you suffer an attack, you should not panic and try to keep other people around you calm as well.

You have to wear a medical bracelet or chain that can be seen easily by the passers-by if you are alone as strangers can identify your condition by the bracelet or chain. These bracelets or chains are specially made which contain information about your condition and what to do to help you in case of asthma attack.

You may feel that you don’t require any help and you can control asthma attack by yourself. But, you can have somebody close-by who understands what is happening and what help you may need if your asthma attack is worse.

You can inform to your neighbor or a friend who lives in the neighborhood so that you can have in the mind that there is always someone you can call in the emergency.

People who are diagnosed newly often think that they can manage with their condition without anyone else knowing about it and some may feel even embarrassed using their inhaler in front of others. But this approach works for only small number of people.

Majority of asthma sufferers think that they need emotional support and knowing that someone is available to help really reduces their worry and gives confidence to cope with asthma attack.

If you don’t want to tell to all your friends and family members, you can share your condition with someone who is close to you as one day you may really need their help.

There are some people who don’t accept what you are and who you are.

If some people make fun of you or comment on you, ignore them and act confidently. Develop a sense of humor about yourself. If you act confidently, people will be less likely to comment on you as they don’t get a reaction.



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