Find Out The Allergen That Trigger Your Asthma?

Allergens Causing AsthmaIf you are suffering with asthma, there are many allergens and irritants that trigger your asthma.

When your asthma is triggered, you feel the symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, tightness in the chest, wheezing and even an asthma attack [Asthma Triggers].

Not every allergen will affect you.

You have to find out which allergen triggers your asthma by keeping a journal that describes the asthmatic events you have.

Entry in the asthma journal should list where you were and what you were doing at the time of attack.

If you follow the asthma journal, you can link the activities or locations that trigger your asthma and from this you can find out which allergen triggered your condition. For example, you may find that going to the park irritates your asthma which indicates a plant agent may be responsible.

If you sit in a friend’s garden and it has affected your breathing, then you can workout that the allergen from plant is affecting your breathing and you can avoid the places where these allergen triggers your attack.

A small number of people who are suffering with asthma don’t have a specific allergen that triggers their condition but around 90% of people with asthma do have specific allergen.

Some allergens are common than others and house hold dust mite is the common allergen.

To Avoid Allergen:

Many people keep their house clean on a daily basis but people suffering with asthma should keep their house clean without irritants and allergen. The main allergen at house is dust mites and these dust mites can cause wheeze, cough and difficulty in breathing.

Use a good vacuum cleaner to clean your house on a daily basis to reduce the amount of allergen. Vacuum cleaning should be done on the furniture, beds, sides of the windows and carpets. You can also use an air purifier to keep the air clean, if you are suffering with severe asthma attacks.

Washing the curtains and linen regularly can help to keep the allergen to a minimum. You have to wash the bed sheets, mattresses, pillow covers and carpets once in a week. If you have a pet, avoid the pet inside your home or bedroom [Pet allergy treatment].

The fur of the pet can cause asthma attack. Wash it and groom them regularly and give a separate bed to sleep. Don’t allow your pet on the bed as it spreads the fur

Avoid visiting places if you are allergic to pollen. Don’t go outside when pollen count is high [Dealing With Pollen Allergy].

Cockroach at home is one of the allergen that can cause problems, so it is important to get rid of cockroaches in your home. Body parts, secretion, and urine of cockroach settle in house dust and can end up in the air you breathe.

Tobacco smoke is one of the allergen that triggers asthma. You should not allow people to smoke inside the home. Ask your family members and friends to smoke outside. It is very much important that you should not smoke as it irritates your airways causing difficulty in breathing.



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